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A long story short.

Healing with Horses was created in 2010 as a non-profit organization from a dream by its Founder and Director, Veronika Danzer LaFortune. With one horse rescued from the rain forest and a heart filled with love and hope, Ms. Danzer-LaFortune and her husband Lennon LaFortune created a place for children aged 6-12 from different backgrounds, with varying physical abilities and of different nationalities to come together to enjoy therapy and creative play.

After extremely successful Summer Camps, we realize the need to expand our activities to include weekly sessions on the grounds of Healing with Horses. We offer children from the area, who come from various schools and organizations to participate in after school opportunities which include arts and crafts, music, dance, yoga, nature walks and gardening, sports and the exceptional experience of being with horses.

Our healthy herd of gentle rescue horses gives the children a way to experience a strong sense of bonding and affection, along with the physical benefits of strengthening and improved balance from horseback riding. Each child, is given the opportunity to ride and spend time grooming, feeding and communing at the stables.

The children are guided by the teachers and encouraged to be creative and expressive while enjoying being outdoors, surrounded by nature and the sea. We hold yoga classes on the cliff, overlooking the bay and our gardens border the horses pasture by the sea. Each child enjoys physical activity which is carefully monitored by the teachers and volunteers.

Veronika Danzer-La Fortune | Founder and Director

Letters of Reference and Appreciation

Come with us and be with horses!

We follow the principal that if a horse is given the freedom to live the life intended for a herd animal in an open setting with an abundance of fresh feed and ample space to enjoy the comfort of his herd members it will transfer this sense of wellbeing and balance to his riders.

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