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Healing With Horses Magical Playground

Our long awaited Magical Playground broke ground in July with a selected area of Buccoo Point securely fenced and adorned with colorful flags.
Here, all who enter through the Magical door will enjoy the many stations of play beginning with the arena. Made with cut bamboo and covered with soft river sand and cedar sawdust, the horses and children can ride in safety. The various areas of play have been constructed with recycled materials including different sized tires to swing and spin for one or with friends.

A seesaw made with planks sits next to the Bamboo Tree House/Pirate Ship (constructed by Thomas Hutchinson) entirely connected with ropes and twine. A slack line attached to two trees provides a fun experience to balance, strengthen and gain self-confidence. The Creative Gardening area teaches the children to grow organic produce using recycled bottles and raised beds with our own compost. Wind chimes made from recycled metal pipe resonates softly near the Dream area to accompany those needing a moment alone in a quiet space. Follow the Labyrinth and see where it takes you…maybe to the Balance Triangle! Or try your strength on the Climbing Wall. Travel through the Magic either alone or with friends and discover what awaits you through the Rainbow colors of adventure.
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