Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

When is the HWH Summer Camp 2016?
This year’s summer camp takes place from the 11th-22th July.
What are the hours of Camp?
Monday through Friday, from 09:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.
How many children are expected to attend the HWH Summer Camp?
Approximately 80 campers.
When can I register my child?
You may register from March 1st through May 31st.
I've been thinking about sending my child to the HWH Summer Camp for a while although I'm not sure that it's for him/her?
The children who attend the Summer Camp are between the ages of 6-12, differently abled and with varying backgrounds. The Campers will enjoy music, dance, sports, acting, arts and crafts, creative gardening, nature walks, yoga, steel pan, face painting, making snacks, and the unique experience of being with horses. All activities are geared to their level of abilities. If these are activities in which your child/children would participate, this could be for you!
I've been thinking about volunteering at the HWH Summer Camp for a while although I'm not sure that it's for me?
If you like working with children, have patience and compassion, are open of heart and mind, love the above mentioned activities and being outdoors, have team spirit, being a volunteer at the HWH Summer Camp is absolutely something to consider. If you are interested, please send a BRIEF bio with your personal information along with any questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop off at the grounds of HWH, Galla Trace, Buccoo Point.
What do I need to bring with me?
Comfortable clothing, hat, sunscreen… check links on the website.
What should I wear as a volunteer at the HWH Summer Camp
T-shirts might be provided. For daily wear, shorts and t-shirts and CLOSED shoes. Hat if you are outdoors and sensitive to the sun.
What should my child wear at the HWH Summer Camp?
Comfortable, light weight clothing, CLOSED SHOES. NO SANDALS, please.
I/my child have special needs (wheelchair/crutches/etc.), do we have to bring it or do you have equipment available on site?
You must provide your own equipment.
How do we get from the airport to our place of accommodation, and then to the campsite?
We will arrange transport from the airport to your place of accommodation. Make sure to email us your travel details in advance so that we would know when to pick you up.
Can I walk from my place of accommodation to the campsite?
If you are accepting our accommodations, you will be staying in the village of Buccoo. The camp itself is held in this village and you will be able to walk from your place of accommodation to the campsite without problem.
Will there be any arranged activities during the weekend?
To Be Announced.
Where could we find more information about after-camp activities/sights on the island, alternate accommodations, restaurants, car rental, etc?
Can we rent cars/bikes nearby?
Crown Point by the airport has many options. See links above.
How hot will it get in the day and how cold will it get at night?
Located just 11° north of the equator, Tobago enjoys a tropical climate and is sunny all year round. The average daytime temperature is 29°C (83°F) and maximums in the low to mid 30’s.
What kind of payment methods do you offer?
Cash, money order or check.
Who sponsors the HWH Summer Camp?
Local businesses, organizations from TnT and abroad, many friends and families, visitors, tourists, and last year’s Camp was generously supported by our Community Development Fund. Healing with Horses holds fundraisers during the year and is able to sponsor many Campers through our own efforts. Friends just like YOU!!
How may I donate to the HWH Summer Camp?
We eagerly accept in kind donations delivered to our grounds or we may pick up at your residence or place of business. We have t-shirts, tote bags, wrist bands, caps and coozies with our beautiful logo for sale on our website and at our grounds. These are great as gifts, souvenirs and support the work of Healing with Horses. Become a supporter!
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