Morning Calm was born in Trinidad on April 1st 2012. His Dam, Velvet Morning ( mother) by Machiavellian came from Ireland in 2005. His Sire ( Father) is Babel from the U.S.A.

He started his racing career as a 3-year-old in June 2015. In his fourth career start, he finished third in the Trinidad Derby on September 2015, which is the most prestigious event for locally bred three-year-old horses. Were it not for him leaving the starting stalls about 10 lengths behind the field, he would have won the Derby. He had so much ability.

He always had the tendency to be tardy from the starting gates. This habit manifested itself by him starting to refuse to leave the starting stalls. The Racing Authority eventually banned him from horse racing permanently in March 2017, after the fifth time of refusal. What a dilemma!!

However, his previous owner had a special bond with him and just could not give him away to anyone. Morning Calm was special and had character. Every Sunday morning, the previous owner would bring carrots and apples for him as a special treat, which Morning Calm always looked forward to. He decided to maintain Morning Calm in the best possible way until he found a suitable home to his satisfaction.

In August 2018, Morning Calm who has a very playful nature, was welcomed into the Healing with Horses herd.

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