Born in Jamaica, 6/6/96 our proud Navajo raced as a thoroughbred stallion under the name Storm Jumper. His former owner, Luisa Fernandez, purchased him in 2000 and trained him successfully in dressage and jumping.

He traveled far and wide winning ribbons wherever he went. Although he was plagued with a rear hind leg injury from which he never fully recovered, our brave Navajo never gave up until finally in 2004 his owner retired him to her private backyard. Valiant athlete, courageous and strong, our 17 hand high warrior, joined our Healing with Horses Herd in 2014.

Although he was used to being the leader, he has taken his place behind Divo and loves being followed by King. If left behind, he will call out softly to his friends, “don’t forget me”! How could we ever forget you, our great bold Spirit!

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