Winston became the ninth and newest member of the herd in Buccoo in June 2014. He is also the most courageous traveler having come all the way from jolly ol’ England. Winston is a Shetland pony not much taller than a large dog!! His former owner Karen Ballard, saw him at a neighbor’s Shetland pony farm, fell in love with him and brought him home to the great delight of her two daughters. His best friend was Fred, one of the Ballards’ horses and he and Winston remained best buddies until Fred died last year.

After a visit to Healing with Horses and hearing that the Foundation was looking for a pony, Karen felt instantly that this would be the perfect home for Winston. And indeed it is! Although he is a mini guy he comes with a maxi personality! The other eight members of the herd offer him their utmost respect and allow him his large grazing territory as eating grass is his first priority. His second is to be groomed….ahhhhh how he loves that touch and this is about the only time he will stop chewing!

When down by the sea, you will see the other members of the herd swimming but our Winston finds this too much work and prefers a gentle stroll along the beach or a vigorous roll in the sand for a good back scratch. Give Winston a smile with a good brushing along his back and a big hug and you will smile right along with him!

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